Learn about the capabilities of SOCMA’s Manufacturer & Affiliate Members During SOCMA’s Quarterly 制造解决方案的一天

SOCMA is excited to announce the newest addition to its suite of 2021 commercial 服务! As our industry continues to operate in a hybrid environment, SOCMA will hold a quarterly 制造解决方案的一天 to showcase member company manufacturing capabilities. This quarterly event will provide a forum to make new connections and give access to SOCMA’s 16,000+ contacts throughout our membership and the Specialty and Custom Chemicals Trade Show 网络.


Showcase your company’s manufacturing capabilities in one of the limited 15-minute time slots on 11月17日, focusing on Project Partners for your 2022 Calendar.


Sponsor 制造解决方案的一天
Feature your company in the banner atop SOCMA’s Manufacturing Solutions Platform for a 6 month period and in SOCMA’s industry-wide communications. 有关更多信息, 访问真钱地址下载的网站special pricing is available for SOCMA Affiliate members.

Become familiar with ways to present your company technologies and expertise, and enrich your partner evaluation process for robust business relationships in future projects. 

Register to attend on 11月17日, focusing on Project Partners for your 2022 Calendar.



Explore the wide-ranging field of technologies in contract and toll manufacturing from our past exhibitors:

11月17日 主持人

Nation Ford Chemical Company (NFC) is a toll manufacturer located in Fort Mill, SC, 就在夏洛特城外, NC. NFC is the only domestic producer of sulfanilic acid, PANA, and smoke dyes for the US Army. NFC seeks contract and toll manufacturing opportunities and provides a wide range of reaction capability, 包括硝化, 磺化, hydrogenation and alkylation. Solid handling applications are a specialty. We are active in the toll manufacture of bio-based chemicals, polymers and specialty dyes. We also provide custom blending and 包装 服务.

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Colour Synthesis Solutions (CSS) provides out-sourcing opportunities for your chemistry projects and scale-up needs. We provide unparalleled in-house expertise in organic chemistry providing our clients with research & 发展, 定制合成, manufacturing and analysis combined with an in-depth knowledge and state of the art equipment for organic chemistry research from grams to kilograms to tonnes, supporting your projects from initialization to commercialization.

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Colonial Chemical manufactures cosmetic and industrial surfactants, performance additives and other key building-block ingredients for use in personal care, 家庭和工业, lubrication and oilfield applications.


6月9日 演讲

Genesis Custom Chemical Blending is a North Texas based company located just outside of the DFW Metroplex in Ennis, TX. 真钱地址下载的145000平方.Ft. facility sits on 19 acres with access to a Union Pacific 10 railcar spur. Capable of handling a wide range of chemistries, Genesis specializes in Water and Oil Based Chemistries, Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions, and products that require High Shear Mixing. 在《真钱地址下载》, we have a very unique product offering and our high-quality solutions include the following 服务, 液测试 & Evaluation; Private Labeling; Re包装; Transloading; and Toll Blending Services. With more than 150 years of combined experience, Genesis follows a high standard of operational procedures, including quality and safety measures.

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Optima Chemical is a full-service Chemical company with the infrastructure to take ideas through to delivered products and solutions. We have our own product line built on a technology base that has evolved from manufacturing organometallic chemistry. We have an engineering skillset that enables us to manufacture high energy and high hazard, sensitive chemistry safely at large scale, and two US based manufacturing plants where we manufacture products for our partners as well as manufacture our own products. Our laboratories are run by a team that offers technical support to our toll partners as well as analytical 发展, route 发展 and scale-up for other customers, be it for custom made products or some short term use of our facilities. Underpinning all of this is a culture of safety, service and flexibility.

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With innovative technology and proven expertise from over 150 customers around the world, Revtech is one of the undisputed leaders in the creation of industrial heat treatment equipment for powders and ingredients and addresses markets of the specialty chemical, 精细化工, 生物和食品. Combining technology and individualized support, we are proud to count among our customers companies from the manufacturing industry, operating in diverse sectors requiring Thermal Processes as Thermal Desorption, 煅烧, 气固反应, 生物催化作用, 汽提, 聚合, 超干, 巴氏灭菌法. It is the increase of the industrial productivity, high efficiency and flexibility of our technology that has allowed us to meet the challenges of each customer and to ensure maximum return on investment.

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罗克韦尔自动化公司. (纽约证券交易所:韩国), is the world’s largest company dedicated solely to industrial automation and information solutions. We make our customers more productive, profitable, and sustainable. In chemical 处理, we provide a complete set of technology, 服务, and solutions. Our technology portfolio spans from PLCs and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) to electrical control products such as Motor Control Centers (MCCs) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and intelligent electrical devices. Complementing our electrical, 机, and process automation technologies are 网络ing and information solutions such as historians, 工业数据中心, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), 资产性能, IIoT和分析. All of these technologies are complemented by a global delivery and system integration capability that can provide 服务 spanning Front-End Loading (FEL), migration and upgrades consulting, 项目执行, 工厂的支持, 和数字化服务. 这一套技术, 服务, and solutions can help you accelerate your digital transformation journey to achieve a truly Connected Chemical Plant

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of the specialty chemicals company LANXESS, Saltigo GmbH was established as an independent business on the 精细化工s market in April 2006. Its wealth of experience and proven expertise make it one of the leading companies in the field of exclusive synthesis. Saltigo is based in Leverkusen. Its production facilities are situated in Leverkusen and Dormagen.

We support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle – with due regard to national and international regulations. Existing procedures are adapted and often optimized for production in our plants. This enables us to support our customers’ sustainable business success. Our intellectual property management ensures that our customers’ expertise remains their own exclusive property throughout.

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Vulpes has created a number of manufacturing innovations and is working with 15 teams from 10 U.S. research institutions to test and develop novel 农用化学品. Vulpes creates a patent-pending, pilot-manufacturing technology to manufacture custom-designed carbon nanomaterials at less than 1% of the prevailing cost, a novel L-glufosinate manufacturing process that has no fermetation or use of enzyme. Vulpes has a portfolio of around 30 agrichemicals, 所有使用的小说, 低成本, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our strength include Dinitroanilines, Sulfonylureas, and many others.

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American Chemical Solutions (ACS) is a vertically integrated industrial chemical manufacturer based in Muskegon, 密歇根. We pride ourselves on helping businesses worldwide meet their chemical supply needs through high-quality, reliable production of specialty chemicals.
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Many of the world’s largest chemical companies rely on CJB Industries to provide contract chemical manufacturing, 化学收费, 制定, 处理, 包装, and laboratory 服务 that meet their exacting standards. This enables us to offer growing companies the same high level of excellence in manufacturing processes, 质量控制, EHS合规, and supply management so you don’t have to be a major multinational to take advantage of industry best practices. Whether your objective is increased flexibility, 业务增长, 有效利用资本, product consistency or all of the above, CJB Industries can customize a solution for you. We commit to meeting or exceeding your expectations for quality, efficiency, service and results.

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Founded in 1951, VanDeMark Chemical Inc. is headquartered in Lockport, New York . Together with its wholly owned subsidiary production facility (FRAMOCHEM) in Kazincbarcika, 匈牙利, VanDeMark is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty phosgene derivatives. We provide unmatched expertise in the 发展 of custom phosgene chemicals and offer a range of chemical compounds primarily used in pharmaceuticals, 农用化学品, 塑料和聚合物, 和案例(涂料, 粘合剂, 密封剂, 弹性体)应用程序. 

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